Corporate Social Responsibility

Our service goes beyond coordinating good clinical attention for our members. We have a true commitment with supplying the needs of the population we serve while promoting their physical and emotional wellbeing.


To continue our pioneering tradition in the industry, we at MMM made history once again, when we were the first Medicare Advantage plan in Puerto Rico to open a Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Outreach Department as part of our management structure. We believe in developing quality programs that are educational and promote the general wellbeing of our population, as well as good values. At MMM we have distinguished ourselves for developing innovative programs that allow people to add better habits to their lives, in order to feel good, both physically and emotionally. Aníbal González Irizarry and Sandra Zaiter are speakers of some of those educational messages and have had positive impact on thousands in the community.


Look at how we reach our communities’ general wellbeing.


  • This is a whole system of initiatives and a lifestyle that fosters proper treatment towards the elderly population and those with impairments, thus transforming the way they are perceived, and promoting a better understanding of the reality of their lives. It brings awareness about the needs and limitations of these people throughout a workshop that explains their real circumstances and allows participants to experience how older adults feel, through exercises that illustrate their limitations.


    More that 34,180 people have attended the workshops, offered to several private and government organizations, including our employees, patient associations, education institutions, healthcare providers, and the community in general. Within the Sensitivity Platform, we created a workshop for children and teenagers under a concept known as Súper Nieto (Super Grandson). This workshop shows how to treat elderly in a nice way, with values and lessons about tolerance and the level of sensitivity everyone must show towards the elderly and any person who has an impairment or special need. This workshop is approved by the Government Ethics Department, thus any Government employee may validate the workshop hours with the Department.


    Recently, a program named “Cambia el Switch” (Switch it up), nutrition for the body and soul, was launched under the Sensitivity Program. It is oriented towards parents and caregivers of children at the elementary level of public schools. The program started in Carolina, Canóvanas, Orocovis and Guayama. The workshop provides practical tools that promote healthy family living, good nutrition, exercising and self-esteem.


    These initiatives support the physical and emotional wellbeing for everyone in the community and pursue to start a positive foundation for healthier population.

  • We believe in the benefits of prevention for our members and the community in general. In 2009, we were acknowledged as the only health plan contributing with this social cause, since we provided 35,000 vaccines against seasonal flu. Since then, our work has found its way, with our response to the high incidence of flu cases reported. We support the vaccination efforts against the human papiloma virus and we keep supporting annual efforts against the flu, exceeding vaccination expectation in hospitals, medical offices, pharmacies, MMM regional offices and our Members Club locations, among others.


    During the 2015-2016 flu vaccination season, we vaccinated over 44,570 members, with no charge.

  • Besides the improved benefits for the coordinated care of the elderly and people with disabilities, we at MMM are focused in creating joint ventures to support health care.


    This opens doors to leadership, innovation and trust, to reach proven growth and positive results.


    The following are some specialized entities with which we have signed joint ventures and/or collaboration agreements:

    • American Heart Association
    • Puerto Rico Lung Association
    • Alzheimer’s Association of Puerto Rico
    • United Ways of Puerto Rico
    • Puerto Rico Gerontology Society
    • Hospital Association of Puerto Rico
    • Menonita Health System
    • Metro Pavía Health System
    • Universidad del Este, Ana G. Méndez system
    • Health Department, Medicaid Office and the ¡Déjalo Ya! (Leave it now) Program


    We also reached a Quality collaboration program with the Hospital Association, to elevate the patient’s satisfacton, adopt specific safety measures and increase excelence in service.

  • For over a decade and a half, we have been touching hearts in your community. We have been taking several talks on educational and social topics around the island. Besides, we support and collaborate on events and initiatives intended to promote a better quality of life.

  • At MMM we have a Voluntary Program to promote good will among the employees, with the purpose to positively influence the lives of those we serve. The announcement is kept open to give the chance for more employees to join the group. The support of so many coworkers, united towards the goal of helping people of all ages, is very satisfactory.


    We establish bonds with several charitable organizations that work for physical and emotional wellbeing in adults and children. Some of these non-profit organizations are United Ways, health associations, and Fundación Dorada, among others. Initiatives are based on individual projects and community activities.


    MMM’s personnel is alays willing to help, this is why the company is a corporate partner of United Ways, and Fundación Dorada (an organization focused on helping elderly living in extreme need. Employees have the option to make donations through payroll deductions, and support institutions that help children or the elderly.

  • This is a community program created in 2004 to promote exercise through 21 groups around the Island. Its trainers are specialized in exercises for the elderly. Groups gather to exercise and to participate of several activities that allow for education, sharing with others and enjoy good physical and emotional health. Groups designate a leader, who has the opportunity to get a Certificate in elderly exercising from the Sports and Recreation Department. This way, leaders may help members to do balance and stretching routines, in a way that’s adequate to their age and particular conditions. There are over 1,000 participants with many success stories on how their participation in these groups has improved their quality of life. If you are interested in creating a group of Patitas Calientes in your community, and have gathered more than 15 individuals at ages 60 and over, you may call at 787-622-7511.