Independent Agents

Global Business Team (GBT) is a department within the structure of MMM Healthcare, LLC (MMM), who’s focus and major players are Independent Agents. These agents, also known as Independent Contractors, are not MMM Healthcare, LLC employees. GBT focuses on the recruitment, training and service of these professionals in order to strengthen the company’s sales force.

Hand on Hand

These Independent Producers take pride in their work and consider themselves not as insurance agents or salespeople but as social servants whose main concern is educating the elderly of what really accommodates their needs and providing the ultimate customer service to them.


GBT offers all the support, service and assistance available  to all these Independent Producers in order for them to develop their own business while they offer a leading Medicare Advantage Plan in Puerto Rico.


To become part of GBT’s winning team, you should have an active Health permit granted by the Insurance Commissioner’s Office and contact us at