Medicare Stars Rating Program

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rates the relative quality of the private plans that are offered to Medicare beneficiaries through the Medicare Advantage program. CMS rates Medicare Advantage plans on a one-to-five star scale, where five stars represents the highest quality. The score provides an overall measure of a plan’s quality, and is a cumulative indicator of the quality of care, access to care, responsiveness, and beneficiary satisfaction provided by the plan. The plans’ ratings are posted on the Medicare website to provide beneficiaries with additional information to help them choose among the Medicare Advantage plans offered in their area.


At the moment, MMM Healthcare, LLC is the only organization Medicare Advantage with two contracts (H4003 & H4004) with 4.5 of a total of 5 Stars in the Island.


At MMM Healthcare, LLC our aim is to achieve 5 Stars, this is why we demonstrate our ongoing effort and we continue to improve our ratings in individual and global measures of our products.


MMM (H4003) – Medicare Star Rating 2018

MMM (H4004) - Medicare Star Rating 2018

PMC (H4004) – Medicare Star Rating 2018

First+Plus (H7522) – Medicare Star Rating 2018


Medicare evaluates plans based on a 5 Star rating system. Stars ratings are calculated each year and may change from one year to the next. For more information on Star Rating, please refer to