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Press Releases

MMM presents My Healthy Plate for the Older Adult in Puerto Rico
With the name, My Healthy Plate for the Older Adult in Puerto Rico, this new recommendation eases the planning of healthy food in a practical way. It consists of a plate divided in four sections and a circle on the side, with the five main food groups. Read more


During a panel discussion with their members, MMM emphasizes the importance of being in control of health
Medicare y Mucho Más (MMM) reaffirmed its commitment with promoting and facilitating quality health care with the visit of its President, Orlando González, to the Members Club of Bayamón to share and exchange ideas with a group of members. Read more


Health Plan and University join forces to strengthen education and training programs for caregivers
Pontificial Catholic University and MMM Healthcare collaborate to meet challenges of the older adults and caregivers population. Read more


Ada Monzón and MMM instruct about preparation in case of earthquakes
The preparation in case of an earthquake was the main topic of the talk recently presented by the renowned meteorologist Ada Monzón, beofre a group of seniors who gathered at MMM's Recárgate Pavilion in Plaza las Américas. Read more


MMM's Patitas Calientes bring help and joy to patients of Puerto Rico Hope Lodge and Hogar Niños Que Quieren Sonreír
The Puerto Rico Hope Lodge recieved a donation of cleaning supplies and school supplies by MMM's community group, Patitas Calientes of the municipality of Isabela. Read more


Technological advances facilitate the coordination of health care
Medicare y Mucho Más (MMM) and its sister company MSO of Puerto Rico presented the InnovaMD App and the MMM mobile application, its most recent technological innovations aimed at promoting the coordinated care of its members. Read more


A personalized care unit for MMM affiliates makes its debut in Mayaguez
It is the only unit to offer an exclusive teller window for MMM affiliates admitted to the emergency ward. Read more


Don't compromise your health
MMM advises citizens to value the quality ot their health care. Read more


HIMA-San Pablo and MMM announce historic alliance increasing of services
HIMA will again be a provider and MMM strengthens benefits in Caguas, Humacao, Fajardo and Cupey. Read more


MMM with the highest rating ever achieved at the moment among Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico  
4.5 stars reaffirm high performance in the care of Medicare Advantage population and places them in the top 19% of the American nation. Read more


MMM and Plaza Las Americas offer new premises so people can recharge their lives with positive energy
The pavilion will offer workshops, orientations and room to socialize while charging electronic equipment. Read more 


MMM highlights vital work of their heroes during the Island’s recovery
Most heroes are born in the midst of catastrophe. The volunteers and Medicare providers of Medicare y Mucho Más (MMM) are the best example, because of their dedication and courage to provide health and supplies to remote areas. Read more


Relief and health clinics reach people in most need
MMM visits municipalities with a team of health professionals and supplies. Read more


Despite the adversity, Puerto Rico is full of stars
MMM Healthcare, LLC becomes the only organization with a Medicare Advantage Plan with 4.5 out of 5 stars on the island. Read more


Group of paramedics receives training to learn how to position themselves in the place of the elderly
A group of 40 paramedics from the Medical Emergency Service of the Municipality of Bayamón, participated in a sensitivity workshop that promotes better treatment and understanding of the needs and limitations that elderly people may have. Read more 



Moody's affirms MMM Holdings' credit and upgrades its outlook
MMM Holdings, Inc. is pleased to confirm today that Moody's has affirmed the Company's credit ratings and upgraded its outlook for MMM from "Stable" to "Positive" based upon the Company's performance. Read more


In its new campaign, MMM inspire the "new life" that its members are set to begin
Like an inspiration to fulfill the dreams and the life that begins at age 65, is how Orlando González, president of Medicare y Mucho Más, (MMM), described the new campaign that the health insurer presented today, and which will run in various media outlets. Read more See Video


The Departament of Health supports MSO and MMM initiative of facilitating the inclusion of new health professionals in their providers network
The Secretary of Health, Dr. Rafael Rodríguez Mercado welcomed MMM’s program for taking a step forward and facilitating the entry of new doctors to its provider’s network in Puerto Rico. Read More


New Specialized Care Clinics for MMM members with chronic conditions.
MMM Healthcare, LLC and its parent company, InnovaCare Health, unveil a new personalized care program in the Vita Care Specialized Care Clinics, to exclusively serve MMM and PMC patients with chronic conditions. Read More


MMM receives re accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)
For the third consecutive year, MMM Healthcare, LLC (MMM) has been accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), which reaffirms their commitment in the development and implementation of new initiatives for assuring and promoting quality in the services offered to members. Read More


Medical Students, together with Medicare y Mucho Más, present an investigative study about uncontrolled Diabetes during Christmas season in Puerto Rico
Dr. Rolance G. Chavier Roper, Medical Director for the Primary Medicine and Diabetes Prevention Center and Assistant Professor at the University of Health & Science in Antigua, together with various Puerto Rican students from said School of Medicine and accompanied by Orlando González, Esq., President of Medicare y Mucho Más (MMM), presented the results of the most recent and only scientific study carried out in Puerto Rico, where they measured how diabetes goes uncontrolled during Christmas season. Read More


MMM Holdings, LLC joined the relief efforts to help families affected in Haiti
After the devastating hurricane Mathew, employees of MMM Holdings collected a substantial amount of clothes and shoes...Read More


MMM and PMC inaugurate the first Members Club Express
A facility combining social leisure and the coordination of preventive services for members Read More


Medicare y Mucho Más creates the first program that integrates both the health of the patient and their caregivers
As part of the commitment with the needs and health of their members, Medicare y Mucho Más created the first Caregivers Program. The objective of this program is to be facilitators in the care process and provide useful tools for both the patient and the caregiver, and the efforts that they do in representation of our members. Read More


MMM in partnership with Movimiento para el Alcance de Vida Independiente to benefit the hearing impaired population
Medicare y Mucho Más (MMM) announced an alliance with Movimiento para el Alcance de Vida Independiente (MAVI) and presented a new program with focus in the caregivers of the advanced age population. Read More


MMM is still a plan with 4 Stars under the Medicare Stars Rating federal program
Orlando González, President of the Medicare Advantage plan Medicare y Mucho Más (MMM), confirmed that the plan maintains its qualification with 4 out of 5 Stars, under the federal program that evaluates local and national performance of all plans. Read More


Standard & Poor’s Credit Rating
MMM Holdings, LLC is pleased to confirm that Standard & Poor’s (S&P) have affirmed the Company’s credit ratings and upgraded its outlook for MMM Holdings to “Stable” based upon the Company’s June 30, 2016 financial results. Read More


MMM and PMC recognize pharmacies for making a difference
Medicare Advantage plans, MMM Healthcare, LLC (MMM) and PMC Medicare Choice, LLC (PMC) recognized thirteen community pharmacies for their outstanding results in the Medication Adherence Program (PAM) of MMM, PMC and the Community Pharmacy Association (AFCPR). Read More






Techie dad after the age of 65
In an effort to stay on top of their health, older adults are increasingly up to date with the latest technology and cyber programs that are available to help them manage their health. Read more


My parents turned 65... now what?
Tips to offer guidance to your elders when choosing a health insurance plan. Read more


Do you want to help your doctor to assist you better?
Let us be realistic! When Christmas parties arrive, people with diabetes or with other heart condition should take more precautions, because they know the damage that eating our traditional food in excessive portions can do to their health. Read more


Let´s have the party in harmony! Diabetes and Christmas food: Avoid disorders
The recommendation you hear frequently is to go visit your doctor and have your checkups done. Well, now it’s your turn to evaluate how you help him take care of you! Read more


Keep enjoying advantages at an Elite level, with Medicare y Mucho Más
If you are in the so-called “Golden Age”, more than ever you know that you need the peace of mind of having benefits and services that give you access to comprehensive health care, also oriented to prevention, throughout your life. Read More


Electronic connection: more coordination between health professionals, for the good of the patient.
Currently, the health care systems thrive on the collaboration of hospitals, pharmacies, urgent care centers, laboratories and doctors who use technology to share information including patient health. Read More


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