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Physicians and MSO: Transforming the industry in Puerto Rico
Over 500 healthcare profesionals from across the island gathered for the Managed Care Symposium, Navigating through the Care Continuum. Read more


How to take advantage of post-María recovery to improve health care in Puerto Rico?
MMM was invited by the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce to participate in the Puerto Rico Health & Insurance Conference. Read more


Be proud to have a patient that is well cared for
The annual CMS survey that your patients will soon receive, evaluates the service you offer your patients and the experience they have in your office. Read more


MMM in conference Promesa of the Chamber of Commerce
MMM's president explains how the health industry is getting together to bring the same message to the United States about the Medicare funds allocation. Read more


Controversy due to the New 2017 Blood Pressure Guidelines 
The new medical guidelines establish a high blood pressure with readings of 130/80 mm Hg instead of 140/90, as it was done until now. Read more





The importance of a good nutrition
Obesity in Puerto Rico has maintained an upward trend for more than two decades, to the point that 66% of adults are estimated to be overweight or obese. Read more


Did you know there's a new nutritional label?
The changes are aimed to help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Read more


The importance of safe medication management
Idaliz Rodríguez Escudero, PharmDc Intern, stressed the importance of preventing errors in medication. Read more


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