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MSO of Puerto Rico is recognized by important national organization
CAPG awarded MSO with the Elite Recognition, which highlights the areas of process in coordinated care, technology in health information, responsibility, and transparency. Read more


Community Pharmacies are recognized for their performance in adherence
The recognition was during the thirty-third Community Pharmacy Convention. Read more

MMM celebrates the “New Life” their members begin
As a celebration of the realization of dreams and life that begins at 65, MMM launched the new campaign, Caminamos Juntos. Read more


ICD-10 Education at the PR Health Information Management Association Convention
Since the implementation, the selection of the 7th character in fracture codes and other traumas has been a challenge for providers. Read more.


Quality and Coordinated Care
Compliance with quality measures is a trend that expands through all care and all types of relationships between suppliers and payers. Read more.


MMM employees graduate in sign language
If among your patients you have some that are impaired of their hearing, be advised that MMM now has 19 employees who are certified in sign language in order to provide more effective services. Read more.


Dr. Richard Shinto participates with leaders from diverse industries in a Conversation with the Governor
Dr. Shinto, representing the Medicare Advantage industry, expressed concern about the shortage of funds provided to the Island for the Medicaid program. Read more


Vita Care - Specialized clinics for chronic conditions
Aimed exclusively for patients with chronic conditions affiliated with Medicare y Mucho Más and PMC Medicare Choice. Read more


VOCES recognizes us as heroes
VOCES Coalición Vacunación de Puerto Rico, recognized MMM as one of the heroes for the execution and commitment to vaccination, and for being an example of hope and solidarity for public health in the Island. Read more


We continue to support new health professionals in Puerto Rico
Backed up by the Puerto Rico Department of Health, we continue to establish relations with future health professionals to guide them starting their practice in the Island and about the opportunities of being part of our provider network. Read more


MSO University Online
We are ready! You can now benefit from technology taking webinars in your office. Read more


Sensitivity workshop offered to the Medial Sciences Campus faculty
This workshop which is part of the MMM Corporate Social Responsibility programs, seeks to transform the way in which society perceive and treat the elderly and people with disabilities. Read more


Ongoing Education for Medicare Advantage Specialists
Clinical Management with CMS-Up to date Regulations

More than 40 multidisciplinary specialists benefited with 6.5 credit hours during the educational session coordinated by MSO University. Read more


MSO establishes a protocol for the proper management of the asthmatic patient
MSO has created a protocol for the management of the asthmatic patient including the recommendations established by the guidelines of GINA 2017. Read more


The Department of Health supports MSO and MMM initiative that facilitates the inclusion of a new generation of doctors
Due to the shortage of physicians in the Island, MSO and MMM propelled a project for medical residents to give them real options for integration in their professional field as well as to administrate their medical practice in the Island. Read more


MSO & MMM participated in the Ruta Med 5k in Ponce
MSO employees and MMM Patitas Calientes Program participants joined this event to promote physical activity and social integration. Read more


Educational workshop for medical offices staff
Medical offices staff participated in the educational workshop during the first quarter to be educated about various current issues and therefore continue improving patient services. Read more


Successful pediatric educational workshops
Pediatricians and neurologists from the northeastern and southeastern regions as well as personnel from the Department of Education participated in educational workshops focused in improving the coordination of necessary services. Read more


Demo Kitchen, cooking classes for our winners
In recognition to Office Advantage Program participants who reached Silver and Gold levels for their high performance during 2016. Read more


MSO of Puerto Rico selected for "Case Studies in Excellence" by CAPG
MSO of Puerto Rico, LLC (MSO) has been included in the "Case Studies in Excellence" of the California Association of Physician Groups (CAPG). Read more


New version of InnovaMD 2.0 portal
To maintain its cutting-edge standard, MSO of Puerto Rico, LLC (MSO) presents the new version of its InnovaMD portal. This platform is an integrated and effective channel of communication between its customers and the network of providers, facilitating care coordination. Read more


New alliance with Hermanos Meléndez Hospital in Bayamón optimizes services
MSO of Puerto Rico, LLC (MSO) has established an alliance with Hospital Hermanos Meléndez in Bayamón to optimize procedures and services for the benefit of MMM Healthcare’s patients. Read more


NEW online process for contracting and credentialing
As part of the innovation that distinguishesMSO of Puerto Rico, LLC (MSO), we are continuously committed to furnishing our provider network with options that ensure their data is registered in a fast and easy way. Read more




World Hepatitis Day
The movement driven by WHO is an opportunity to intensify efforts to prevent this disease. Read more


Prevention of human papilloma virus
In Puerto Rico, beginning in August 2018, all 11- and 12-year-old students will be asked to be vaccinated against HPV. Read more.


Endometriosis in Puerto Rico
It has no cure; its causes are unclear and in Puerto Rico one in 20 women have it. Read more


Is there a vaccine against Zika on its way?
Actually Puerto Rico is under watch to prevent Zika virus transmission, focusing the efforts in pregnant women. Read more


The importance of prompt post-discharge follow-up after mental health hospitalization
The coordination of post-discharge outpatient follow-up after a mental health hospitalization is one way to ensure that care resources for the transition of the patient to the home are compatible with the goals set out... Read more