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The importance of medical plan at the age of 65
At the age of 65, our senoirs must make important decisions to avoid health complications in this new stage. Read more


Urgencies? There is always a CAMP
MMM's Primary Medicine Support Centers (CAMP) are an accessible and convenient alternative to achieve continuity of care. Read more


Employees and affiliates of MMM unite for the children of CAP
Employees and affiliates of MMM joined in several initiatives organized through the Island, managing to raise more than $30,000. Read more


Expansion of MMM's exclusive Unidad Dorada service continues
MMM and MSO of Puerto Rico inaugurated an innovative service for inpatient care management for patients affiliated with MMM at the Mayagüez Medical Center. Read more


Download the New InnovaMD Application
With this new mobile application, you will have access to the information you need to continue providing an axcellent service to your MMM Healthcare affiliated patients. Read more






Learn how time plays an important role in Osteoporosis quality measurement
One of HEDIS quality measures is established in the osteoporosis tests, aimed at older women, in two scenarios. Read more


Controlling arthritis is possible
Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoinmune disease that can be progressive and disabling if it is not attended to in time or cannot be controlled. Read more


Silent Thief of Sight
Glaucoma is the eye disease that gradually steals your vision and may not show symptons at the beginning. Read more


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