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A step forward in coordinating services for special education children
In the Educational Day, strategies were discussed to strengthen the management of medical and therapeutic services of children with special needs were discussed. Read more


Providers of the Government Health Plan were educated in the prevention of respiratory diseases, and head and neck cancers.
The activity titled “Smoking cessation for the prevention of respiratory diseases and head and neck cancer” is part of the initiatives in promoting the well-being of the beneficiaries. Read more


MMM achieves outstanding score on CMS auditing overcoming nationwide results
MMM’s .13 score compares favorably with the best result in 2016 and 2015 achieved by MA plans audited in the nation in those periods. Read more


Office Advantage Rewards Now for Government Health Plan
MSO of Puerto Rico has launched its established Office Advantage Rewards Program for Government Health Plan providers. Read more


MSO Social Work Program has been recognized
The distinction was part of its annual Dorland Health Silver Crown Award, which recognizes professionals and organizations that demonstrate success in providing services. Read more





Recent Influenza Statistics
Influenza vaccination is recognized as the most effective public health intervention that helps people improve their quality of life. Read more


More than healthy teeth 
The report Oral Health in America: A report of the Surgeon General, states that oral health is much more than healthy teeth; and an integral part of the general health of the individual. Read more


World Hepatitis Day
The movement driven by WHO is an opportunity to intensify efforts to prevent this disease. Read more



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