Who is MMM Healthcare?

We are the first Medicare Advantage plan established in the Island, characterized by offering access to the care that Medicare beneficiaries deserve for their wellbeing. We strive to achive efficient coordination of services for comprehensive attention. From the beginning, we walk together with our people in a relationship of trust.

At Medicare y Mucho Más, as a pioneering plan in the industry, we offer coverage options to address the diverse health needs of Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. For over a decade and a half, we have occupied preferred places in the market and we have received important recognition from the healthcare industry in Puerto Rico and the United States.

Our Foundation

Offering you the attention you require and deserve, the best possible way.  You got a team that works every day to reinforce your wellbeing.  

  • Mission

Partner with providers to deliver comprehensive healthcare solutions to our members through an integrated network of caregivers.

  • Vision

Improve the wellbeing of our members through access to high-quality care innovative services and a coordinated patient experience.

  • Values
    • Do what’s right

    • Earn trust

    • Be responsible

    • Speak with the truth

    • Be genuinely concerned

    • Serve everyone

    • One team, one mindset

    • Learning never stops

    • Strive for excellence

    • Enjoy!

Our Trajectory

We keep growing together.

From the beginning, we have paved our road with achievements.  We have reached them together: members, providers and employees.  Therefore, we can enjoy them together, and still be making plans for the future. 


2000 - 2005

MMM Healthcare, LLC (MMM) was incorporated in Puerto Rico under the business name of Medicare y Mucho Más. MMM was contracted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as the first Medicare Advantage plan in Puerto Rico. By our third year of operations, 15,000 members had enrolled in.


    • 2000

    MMM Healthcare, LLC was incorporated in Puerto Rico under the business name of Medicare y Mucho Más.

    • 2001

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services  (CMS) contract MMM as the first Medicare Advantage plan in Puerto Rico.

    • 2002

    First member of Medicare y Mucho Más.

    • 2003

    Member #15,000 joins the plan.

    • 2004

    MMM expands services to cover the 78 municipalities of Puerto Rico. 

    Fundación Dorada starts operations as a result of the initiative of MMM employees, to help the elderly and impaired people with urgent needs. 


    The Patitas Calientes community program was created for Medicare beneficiaries or persons 60 years or older from the general community. 



Member number 100,000 joins the plan.  PMC Medicare Choice becomes part of the MMM family, as independent plans under the same parent company. Specialized programs are created and are still proving effective.


    • 2006

    Member #100,000 joins the plan.  


    • 2007

    PMC Medicare Choice joins the corporate family.


    MMM and PMC establish a new department to offer administrative support to medical groups. This unit is known as MSO (Management Services Organization). 

    • 2008

    MMM’s Office Advantage program begins.  It provides support, information and recognition to primary physicians’office personnel.


    MMM launches its Sensitivity Platform to create awareness, among the population, of the importance of kindness towards the elderly and those with disabilities.  


    The first Members Club, a concept that is exclusive for Members of MMM and PMC, is inaugurated in Manatí.  It is a place to enjoy educational, social, and leisure activities. 

    • 2009

    In a survey by Gaither International, among eleven coverage options from local companies, 9 out of 10 MMM members said they were satisfied with their plan and acknowledged the efforts of the Company to supply their health needs.


    MMM launches the Súper Nieto character, to promote sensitivity towards the elderly and impaired, among children.


    MMM Holdings is recognized as one of Puerto Rico’s Top 20 Employers.


    InnovaMD: electronic portal exclusive for healthcare providers, is inaugurated, as an advanced tool for information exchange and better coordinated care • MSO turns into a corporation at the service of the entire provider network and the medical community, under the name of MSO of Puerto Rico, LLC.

    • 2010

    To celebrate its 10th Anniversary, MMM launched an institutional Campaign named “Centennials”, to honor over 150 members who had reached an age of 100 or more. 


    The InnovaMD portal is reinforced with the implementation of a Health Information Electronic System to facilitate record processing and filing, updating health data and service coordination, among others, to physicians servicing MMM and PMC members.


    Anoter MMM/PMC pioneering program under the concept of Primary Medicine Support Center or Centros de Apoyo de Medicina Primaria (CAMP): urgent service centers for cases that require medical attention off working hours.   


We were the first health plans in Puerto Rico to receive accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). We celebrated our first decade of service and we revalidated as one of Puerto Rico’s Best Employers. 


    • 2011

    MMM and PMC become the first health plans in Puerto Rico to receive acceditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). 


    The fifth Members Club location is inaugurated in Mayagüez.


    The Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association confers MMM recognition to Best Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility, for its Sensitivity Platform. This Platform also received the Dorland Health Silver Crown Award, with the Patitas Calientes community program, as recreational programs.


    The First Connectivity Summit is successfully held with the attendance of hundreds of service providers.


    • 2012

    Once again, MMM Holdings receives recognition among the Best Employers in Puerto Rico; also, received another Dorland Health Silver Crown Award for its programs on Wound and Ulcer Management and Discharge Planning.


    The Health on Touch (HOT) application arrives so members and authorized representatives have safe, easy and fast access to health information electronic records.


    Dr. Rick Shinto, CEO for MMM and PMC, receives the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® Award in the Service category, in New Jersey.


    MMM formally establishes a Unit to manage the requirements of the Medicare Star Rating Project (to develop strategies for better general performance of operations and to increase plan rating).


    • 2013

    MSO opens an Integrated Mental Health Department


    • 2014

    For second time, MMM y PMC receive accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).


    MMM y PMC receive a 3.5* star rating as part of the Medicare Star Rating Program.


    MMM Holdings are selected again among the Best Employers in the Island.


    MMM and First Medical agreed that MMM would start managing the coverage of members under First+Plus products.  


    Two new professional joint ventures arise to strengthen the service network with Metro Pavía Hospital System and the Menonita Health System.  Under the Menonita System, a new coverage option for a specific service area was established.    


    • 2015

    It is announced that MMM and PMC are the first Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico to reach a rating of 4 out of 5 stars in the Medicare Star Rating Program*, with effectiveness in 2016.


    The siemmmpresaludable.com blog was created to promote a forum with information on health, wellness, entertainment, caregivers, and technology.


2016 - Walking Together  

    • 2016

    MMM creates a new division for Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Relations, to promote a healthy Puerto Rico from another perspective.


    MMM takes over the coverage options offered by PMC, keeping their benefits and advantages for members


    It is announced that MMM and PMC are sustaining their rating of 4 out of 5 stars in the Medicare Star Rating Program*, for the year 2017.


    A Care Giver Program is officially created, in support to the efforts of relatives and friends who dedícate their time to the attention of elder adults, specially those who are bedridden or with limited mobility.


    • 2017

    In partnership with the Movimiento para el Alcance de Vida Independiente (MAVI), 19 MMM resources completed a certification in basic sign language, in order to attend to members with hearing disabilities more diligently.


    MSO of Puerto Rico, sister company that provides administrative services for the network of providers and medical groups, celebrates its 10th anniversary.
    A new model of care in the patient-centered industry is established, with the establishment of the Golden Unit (Unidad Dorada), an exclusive floor for in-hospital care for MMM members.


    The implementation of eight Specialized Care Clinics is officially announced as part of the new division, Vita Care. Members with multiple chronic conditions receive personalized services in one place and with a multidisciplinary team in coordination and support with the services offered by their primary care physician.


    The MMM Mobile Application is launched, a convenient tool for the use of members and their authorized caregivers. It allows access to health information easily, safely, and free of charge, and encourages active participation in the member’s healthcare.


    MMM launches a renewed corporate identity under the theme of “Walking Together” (Caminamos Juntos), which expresses a deep emotional connection with each member, and affirms the fact that the company understands and is empathetic with the needs, dreams, and short and long-term projects of our people. The logo looks more modern, solid, and dynamic, in tune with the personality and character of today's older adult.

    Once again MMM Healthcare, LLC establishes quality standards in the health industry in Puerto Rico, by becoming the only Medicare Advantage organization whose contracts (H4003 and H4004) reached 4.5 out of 5 Stars * on the Island, in the Medicare Star Ratings Program for the year 2018. This achievement is obtained thanks to the company's continued collaboration with its health service providers, pharmacies, and business partners.


    After the passage of Hurricane María in September, which affected the island in its entirety, and under the slogan “Walking Together we will lift Puerto Rico”, work teams consisting of executives, doctors, and employees of MMM and its sister companies, concentrated efforts to address the health needs, food, and supplies of the population. In less than a month they reached more than 25 thousand Puerto Ricans in several municipalities of the Island.


*Medicare evaluates plans based on a 5 Star rating system. Stars ratings are calculated each year and may change from one year to the next. For more information on Star Rating, please refer to www.medicare.gov.


Our Commitment: quality and doing what's right

We have a commitment with quality and excellence, because we work to bring wellness to the elderly and to people with special needs in Puerto Rico, their relatives and caregivers.


This endeavor has led us to important recognition, such as the NCQA Accreditation. MMM and PMC were the first Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico to be accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA.)


  • NCQA accredits and certifies hundreds of healthcare organizations in Puerto Rico and the United States. It also recognizes physicians and medical practices in key areas of performance. NCQA is committed to providing health care quality information for consumers, purchasers, health care providers and researchers.


    Accreditation is granted for service and clinical quality that meet the basic requirements of NCQA’s rigorous standards. According to NCQA criteria, quality of health care refers to patients obtaining adequate care, as appropriate, in a timely manner. This is, patients having timely access to care, receiving the correct treatment and the preventive care they need. When choosing a plan and high quality physicians, it is expected that patients know they will receive high quality attention.

  • To ensure that we carry out our operations in the way the regulating agencies require us, our Compliance Department verifies whether we work in tune with conduct codes and corporate principles, as expected.


    MMM’s Compliance Department has multiple duties within a complex structure that focuses on several aspects.  This team makes sure that our operations:

    • Are ethical, in accordance with codes of conduct and corporate principles

    • Comply with Federal and state criteria that are applicable to Medicare Advantage plans.


    Besides, this team:

    • Works closely with all operational areas

    • Audits and monitors all departments

    • Notifies all involved parties about new regulations and requirements, both local and Federal, and oversees their implementation

    • Investigates any type of non-compliance claims, or violations to ethic standards

    • Investigates claims of sales and marketing violations

    • Provides training to employees

    • Prevents, detects and reports fraud activities, or those that might lead to fraud, among other important duties 

Healthcare Professionals

We work hand in hand with over 8,000 healthcare providers contracted to offer you services, including physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, labs and ancillary services, to achieve genuine coordinated care in benefit of patients. 

Corporate Structure

InnovaCare is a leading provider of coordinated healthcare services in the United Stated.  Through two main ways of care: Provider networks and Medicare and Medicaid Programs, InnovaCare’s commitment is to provide access to a quality healthcare by means of creating sustainable, affordable models, that are also completely integrated to advanced technologies. 


Our People

Every morning, more than 1,700 professionals interconnect around the Island with a common purpose, to make sure you will receive the service that will help to enjoy a better health.  At your service, there is a great team of experts from diverse specialties that will dedicate their efforts to make sure you enjoy an improved wellbeing.


    • Primary Physicians, and specialists such as Pulmonologists, Dentists and others
    • Health educators
    • Psychiatrists, Psychologists
    • Social workers
    • Nutritionists
    • Nursing personnel
    • Hospital administrators
    • Pharmacists
    • Member Services personnel
    • Provider Relations personnel
    • Industrial and System engineers
    • Lawyers
    • Sales and Insurance professionals
    • Finance professionals
    • Human Resources administrators
    • Marketing and Communication experts
    • Receive training on sensitivity towards the elderly.
    • Actively participate in community activities
    • Are kept updated on industry regulations
    • Have recognized us among the Best Employers in Puerto Rico
    • Richard (Rick) Shinto, M.D.,  M.B.A  
    Chief Executive Officer
    • Orlando González Rivera, Esq., CPA
    • Manuel Sánchez Sierra, HIA HCAFA HCSA
    Chief Operating Officer
    • Dr. Diego Rosso Flores
    Chief Medical Officer
    • Carlos Vivaldi
    Chief Financial Officer
    • Myra Plumey
    Compliance Office
    • Gonzalo Salinas Muler
    Chief Clinical Officer
    • Ivelisse Fernández
    Chief Administrative Officer

Contribution to Economy

Our contribution to the Island’s economy can be seen from two perspectives:

  • Access options to comprehensive care for the elderly and special needs population—many of which have limited income.
  • Our participation in the market, where we generate direct and indirect jobs in support to the Island’s general economy.