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Caring More About You


Program that groups personalized services for members with chronic conditions and special needs. It maintains continuous communication with physicians, and offers members an entire team of nursing professionals, physicians, pharmacists, health educators and social workers, among others, to better care for members’ health.




This program includes:

  • Health Promotion and Education: prepares members for adequate health management through prevention and education
  • Smoking Cessation Program: a member receives the support needed to quit smoking
  • Government Aid Program: information center on assistance programs
  • Discharge Planning Unit (DPU): the best step from the hospital to your home
  • Telemonitoring
  • Case and Disease Management


Influenza (Flu) Season 2017-2018

Remember to get vaccinated against Influenza every year, consult it with your doctor and get vaccinated in our CAMP, Community Pharmacies or vaccination clinics.