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Patitas Calientes


Patitas Calientes is a community program sponsored by MMM, that promotes physical and emotional wellbeing. The program is for people 60 years old and up, or Medicare beneficiaries with an impairment. Patitas Calientes is cost-free and incorporates members from the general community, which means they don’t have to be MMM, PMC, or First+Plus members.



  • Participate in community activities
  • Exercise with a professional trainer that helps them improve their coordination, flexibility and motor skills
  • Receive health education
  • Take part in sporting, social and charity events
  • Enjoy entertainment activities designed for members
  • Improve health and reduce the risk to develop obesity and other diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.



Joining is really easy, call us today at 787-622-7511!

We currently have several groups throughout the Island.