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Vita Care



Having control of your health is possible.


We offer quality personalized services, focused on positive results and treating your chronic conditions. We work hand on hand with your primary physician to coordinate integrated care in order to achieve the right results.


We have an individualized program of care that is why we offer you hourly appointments so you don’t have to waste your time. Also in our clinics, you can find a specialists multidisciplinary team to meet your needs.


Live the experience of



  • What is Vita Care?


    Set of Specialized Care Clinics exclusively to treat MMM and PMC patients to have a treatment for multiple chronic conditions with support of their primary care physicians. Through these clinics, can receive services they need all in one place, with a multidisciplinary professional team, in support of the primary physicians and in a very personalized way.



    Here you will find an individualized attention program:

    • A model of health care centered on you
    • Personalized care coordinated in conjunction with your primary care physician
    • Professional multidisciplinary team
    • Coordination of transportation from your home to the clinics, if you request it
    • Health professionals willing to offer you the best services
  • Which health conditions we can help you control?

    • Lung diseases
    • Cardiovascular conditions
    • Diabetes
    • Among others

    Healthcare specialists available

    • Internist
    • Social Worker
    • Nutritionist
    • Health educator
    • Graduate nurse
    • Pharmacist
    • Family doctor
    • Soon… Endocrinologist


    You are the center of our care!

  • Phone numbers:

    787-523-2458 (Metro Area)

    1-888-593-1807 (toll free)

    1-866-333-5469 TTY (hearing impaired)

    Monday through Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


    Vita Care locations

    • Arecibo
    • Carolina
    • Fajardo
    • Guayama
    • Mayagüez
    • Ponce
    • San Germán
    • San Juan
    • Vega Alta

Call us or contact your primary physician for eligibility process and the clinic you can visit.