Premium Payment

Now, for your comfort, you have multiple options to pay your monthly premium. Choose how you would prefer to make your payment!


Payment Options

  • Automatic Debit from your Social Security check
  • Automatic Debit from your bank account
  • Payment via mail to the following address:

    Medicare y Mucho Más
    PO Box 70175
    San Juan, PR 00936-0175

    PMC Medicare Choice
    PO Box 70162

    San Juan, PR 00936-0162

    PO Box 70175
    San Juan, PR 00936-0175
  • Pay by telephone through Member Services. Have on hand: bank account number or credit card number
  • You can also pay at:
    • Amigo Supermarkets
    • Sam’s
    • Walmart
    • Ralph’s Food Warehouse
    • Plaza Pharmacies
    • At any Banco Popular de Puerto Rico branch, through TelePago Popular at 787-724-3652 or 1-888-724-3652 or through the Internet at:
    • At our Regional Offices (as long as it is not in cash)
    • And many other businesses throughout the Island.

For more information about the nearest business, call us at Member Services or access your Health on Touch* account on your computer or smart phone.


Find a Payment Station near you. These stations are available to pay premiums, not to pay penalties for late enrollment in Medicare Part D.


Be advised that the payment should be done within the first fifteen days of every month, regardless of which option you choose. When you make your payments at bank branches or participating businesses, it is important that you take the corresponding coupon for that month.