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The PMC Premier Preferred Platino plan provides coverage for the special needs population in Puerto Rico receiving both the Puerto Rico Government Health Plan (Medicaid) and Medicare benefits. It merges important benefits with $0 copayments and $0 premium. This plan also covers all Medicare-covered preventive services with zero cost sharing.



What do we offer?

Medical visits and Hospital stays


Primary Care Physician (PCP)

  • $0copay


  • $0copay

    Hospital stay

  • $0copay

    Emergency care, $75 in worldwide coverage

Drug Coverage & More Benefits


Covered Drugs

  • $0copay

    Preventive dental services

  • $500Up to $500 a year

    Removable prosthodontics

  • $500a year

    Hearing aids

  • $75a month

    Over-the-Counter items (OTC)


This plan covers all the benefits provided by the Puerto Rico Government Health Plan (Medicaid). For a detailed list of the services included under Medicaid, please refer to the Puerto Rico Health Department web page or contact the Health Insurance Company of your Region.


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