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The PMC Max Extra plan provides our members with additional benefits to improve their health and quality of life. It combines significant benefits with low copayments, $0 monthly premium. This plan also covers all Medicare-covered preventive services with zero cost sharing.



What do we offer?

Medical visits and Hospital stays


Primary Care Physician (PCP)

  • $10copay

    Preferred Network Specialists

  • $15copay

    General Network Specialists

  • $10copay on Medicare covered visits


  • $50copay per admission

    Preferred Network Hospital stay

  • $75copay

    Emergency care, $100 in worldwide coverage

Drug Coverage*


Preferred Generic Drugs

  • $8copay

    Generic Drugs

  • $25copay

    Preferred Brand Drugs

  • $40copay

    Non Preferred Drugs

  • 32%coinsurance

    Specialty Drugs

More Benefits


Preventive dental services

  • $0One pair per year

    Eyeglasses or contact lenses

  • $850every three years

    Hearing aids

  • $30$30 a month for diapers

    Over-the-Counter Items (OTC)

  • $10$10 a month for other items

    Over-the-Counter Items (OTC)


*In the Drug Coverage, while you are in the Coverage Gap, you will pay 40% of the cost for brand name drugs (plus dispensing fee), through the Medicare Gap Coverage Discount Program, and generally pay no more than 51% of the cost for generic drugs. This plan offers additional coverage in the gap for some drugs.


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