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Access your healthcare information in a fast, easy, and safe way.


As a member, the MMM Mobile App will allow you to:

  • See important information such as:
    • Preathorization status
    • Provider directory
    • Details on your coverage with the plan
  • You may also
    • Schedule medical appointments
    • Receive reminders
    • Receive invitations to plan events
    • Keep record of preventive measures you have accomplished
    • Accumulate points and receive rewards
    • And more!

If you are an authorized caregiver* you can access the app too, after being authorized by the member under your care.

  • Get access to their information, in one place, in a safe way.
  • It facilitates the coordination of their care, as you keep track of their treatments, prescribed drugs, preauthorizations and other important matters.


Register under total security and confidentiality.


*Important: In order to be an Authorized Caregiver, you must be an adult, and register an Authorization for the Use and Disclosure of Private Health Information (PHI) document in our systems, signed by the member; or show us the evidence that you are the member’s legal guardian. In the following links you can find and print the document acording to your plan.






Download the app for free.



User Guide

For further details or to clarify any doubts on how to use the app, request the user guide by sending an email to: