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Want to join MMM, PMC or First+Plus?


Request an orientation, complete your enrollment or call us for help.



  • Meet the requirements. Check that you meet the requirements to enroll.
  • Choose your Plan. Choose from any of our individual or group plans, there's a specific plan for you!
  • Select how to enroll. Choose between requesting an orientation, completing your enrollment form or call us and we will assist you.




Check if you meet the requirements to enroll. There are much more advantages for you.

  • Continue paying the Medicare Part B premium
  • Have Medicare Part A and Part B
  • Have not been diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
  • Reside within the 78 municipalities of the Island
  • Specific enrollment criteria:
    • MMM Supremo (HMO C-SNP):You must have one of the following conditions: diabetes, chronic heart failure or cardiovascular disorders.
    • MMM or PMC Platino (HMO D-SNP):You must be eligible to the Medicaid Program (Reforma) as an enrollee of the Government Health Plan of Puerto Rico. Also, you must have Medicare Parts A and B.


Request an orientation


If you would like to receive an orientation, by phone or in your house, of one of our Sales Representatives, choose your plan and complete one of the following forms:


Orientation for MMM

Orientation for PMC

Orientation for First+Plus



Complete your enrollment form


If you have already gone over the Evidence of Coverage and Summary of Benefits of our 2018 plans, and decided to enroll in one of our plans, you can download the Enrollment Form and bring it completed to one of our offices or mail it. You may also call our Sales Department Monday through Sunday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.:



787-620-2396 (Metro Area)
1-866-333-5471 (Toll Free)
1-877-522-0655 TTY (Hearing Impaired)


Medicare y Mucho Más
Enrollment Department

PO BOX 71114
SAN JUAN PR 00936-8014



787-622-7510 (Metro Area)
1-877-568-0808 (Toll Free)
1-877-522-0656 TTY (Hearing Impaired)


PMC Medicare Choice
Enrollment Department

PO Box 366292
San Juan PR 00936-6292



787-620-1282 (Metro Area)
1-877-662-4242 (Toll Free)
1-844-690-9666 TTY (Hearing Impaired)


Enrollment Department

PO BOX 71114
SAN JUAN PR 00936-8014



Enrollment Forms for MMM:

ELA Plan 2018 Coming soon!


Enrollment Forms for PMC:


Enrollment Forms for First+Plus:

ELA Plan 2018 Coming soon!


Medicare beneficiaries may also enroll in MMM through the CMS Medicare Online Enrollment Center (